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The Pokemon Rotom Rally

The Rotom Rally is a fun little game available in the Wild Area. You will race along set courses to try to earn as many points as you can.Starting up ...

The Rotom Rally is a fun little game available in the Wild Area. You will race along set courses to try to earn as many points as you can.

Starting up a race

You will need a bike to participate in the Rotom Rally, of course, but you will also need to find the various Rotom Rallyists around the Wild Area. Once you have spoken to at least two of them, you will see that the option to participate in a Rotom Rally becomes available. 

There are a total of seven Rotom Rallyists across the Wild Area, but to start with, you should aim to find the ones in the Dappled Grove, in front of Motostoke, and at the Meetup Spot. The others are in areas with very high-level Pokemon, and they can be tricky to reach with a low-level party. Once your party gets stronger, you will be able to adventure deeper into the Wild Area and unlock all the available courses. The courses are pretty self-explanatory - your goal is to get to the Rotom Rallyist at the location you select as quickly as possible. Once you select a course, the race will begin after a three-second countdown.

Going for the goal

But wait! You are not going to be able to just go to the goal any way you want! First of all, you have a time limit. See the timer on the top left of the screen? You will want to reach the goal with as much time left on that timer as possible. If it reaches zero, you will automatically fail the race.

That is where the balloons come into play. While they don’t affect your final score directly, they can definitely help improve it. Running into the white balloons will give you a speed boost, while the red balloons will add 15 seconds to the timer. Once you pop a red balloon, a new set of white and red balloons will appear. This will probably happen several times before you reach the goal. The balloons follow a certain path for each course and may be kind of hard to spot when you are first trying out a new run, but don’t worry - the yellow lines on the map will show the general layout.

Rewards from the Rotom Rally

There is more reason to participate in the Rotom Rally than just the thrills, of course. There are a few useful rewards that you can earn for successfully completing a run, plus you will always earn Watts for popping balloons, even if you don’t complete the course. These Watts can be used to purchase various items - as well as upgrades for your bike. The better your score, the more Watts you will receive, so learn the courses and start earning.

How to spend your Watts

The Rotom Rallyists don’t just let you participate in the Rotom Rally - they actually offer a variety of other services, too. For starters, they also serve as Watt Traders, allowing you to spend Watts and purchase valuable items and TRs. Each Rotom Rallyist will offer a different lineup, and these will change every day, but their stock will always include one Poke Ball, as well as Wishing Pieces and a selection of five TRs

Get a new cycling outfit

The Rotom Rallyists can also get you a new outfit to wear while you are riding your bike, and they will do it for free to boot! Just ask for a makeover, and they will offer an outfit matching the type of the Pokemon at the head of your team. If it has two types, you will get to choose which one you want for the theme of your outfit. You can change outfits as many times as you like, and you can also swap back to the default Rotom colours if you prefer the classic look.

Upgrade your bike

Another thing you can spend Watts on is upgrading your bike’s turbo boost. Just speak to a Rotom Rallyist and select Improve my bike! You can upgrade the turbo boost a total of three times, with each stage costing more Watts. It is worth doing this, though - it shortens the amount of time it takes to charge up your turbo boost, which lets you use it more frequently. When your bike is fully upgraded, the time it takes to charge up a turbo boost will be nearly halved, which can come in handy for the Rotom Rally, too.

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